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31 December 2030 @ 03:22 pm
Want to be my friend? Comment! :)
31 December 2020 @ 09:47 pm
My prompt table for Edward and Bella.

001.Sight. 002.Hearing. 003.Touch. 004.Taste. 005.Smell.
006.Limit. 007.Lines. 008.Angel. 009.Devil. 010.Possible.
011.Life. 012.Death. 013.Heaven. 014.Hell. 015.Choices.
016.Plead. 017.Power. 018.Glory. 019.Recognition. 020.Goodbye.

What a beast of a table. I love it.
31 December 2015 @ 08:54 pm
This is a post for me to catalogue my favorite fandoms and pairings. It'll change as my interests change.

twilight; Edward/Bella. Jasper/Alice. Quil/Claire. Sam/Emily. Edward/Jasper. Bella/Emmett. Quil/Bella. Edward/Riley. Seth/Angela. Jacob/Angela. Jacob/Seth.

harry potter; Harry/Ginny. Cedric/Cho. Hermione/Sirius. Hermione/Remus. Remus/Sirius. Snape/Lily. Hermione/Draco. Draco/Ginny. Harry/Voldemort.

gossip girl; Serena/Dan. Blair/Chuck. Nate/Jenny. Serena/Chuck.

chronicles of narnia; Lucy/Aslan. Peter/Susan. Peter/Lucy. Edmund/White Witch. Lucy/Tumnus.

maximum ride; Max/Fang. Iggy/Nudge. Fang/Iggy.

the office; Jim/Pam. Dwight/Angela. Dwight/Pam. Dwight/Michael.

pirates of the caribbean; Will/Elizabeth. Davy Jones/Calypso. Jack/Norrington. Elizabeth/Jack. Jack/Beckett. Jack/Calypso.

ugly betty; Gio/Betty. Betty/Daniel. Betty/Wilhemina. Marc/Daniel.
These are my thoughts on Breaking Dawn. This review is unpolished and hasn't been reread since I wrote it, so I apologize for the (probably) many grammatical or spelling errors that you may come across. Let me know of them, and I'll fix them ASAP. :) Also, I'm pretty sure that I switch from present to past tense a bit... just ignore that. My brain's fried.

This is a negative review, but it's not bashing. Just my opinion. Sarcasm does begin to creep in near the end, though. My attempts at a fair review went down the tubes.

Of course, there will be spoilers. And I cuss once (gasp!). Read at your own risk.

my thoughts on breaking dawn. spoilers ahoy!Collapse )